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A food desert is an urban area more than 1.2 miles from fresh food, where most residents don’t have access to a car or public transportation

We seek to locate a Crop Circles event in food deserts where we can find a strong local interest and engagement and the capacity of local organization to work with us to sustain the search for better nutrition and access to healthier food. As a partnership building initiative , we look at the wide range of organizations and individuals willing to donate their time and money to address this pressing human need.

The actual Crop Circles event is an intensive one day event that can involve up to 2500 local families during which time we provide them with a full week supply of fresh food and vegetables. After the event we deepen our support through leadership grants.

Thus far we have held a Crop Circles in Compton, California, in Englewood a neighborhood in Chicago, and in Sandtown in Baltimore. For 2018 we have plans to conduct a Crop Circles event repeat in Baltimore and possibly outside of Seattle.

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There are three type of support we seek in building and sustaining our effort to eliminate food deserts.  Shapers are the principal co-sponsors and donors; Builders provide some cash support and in-kind support such as fresh food. Supporters are the volunteers who help staff the event, organize and promote community interest and are engaged in sustaining the campaigns to bring healthier food and nutrition into the community.

We build sustainability in our work by identifying and complimenting the already existing organizations that share our mission. In every community we have found community organizations, public agencies, and businesses who want to improve the health of the community and provide fresh, healthier food. They are our natural collaborators. Through the activities of the Crop Circles, we include a press conference, panel discussions for the press on what can be done, and then through leadership awards we want to recognize this support of those community leaders and encourage them to sustain their support on this topic and continue to work with us in leading years to sustain an annual Crop Circles event.

We are always looking for the following: volunteers to implement a crop circles event, cash support to expand our programs, in-kind donations. We also appreciate learning about other programs that share our Mission and any research or articles that reveal “lessons learned” and approaches that work.

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