The Tessemae’s Foundation (501 c.3) started the Crop Circles Initiative in 2014. Through public-private partnerships, we create an overnight Pop-Up Farmer’s Market inside of healthy food priority areas (previously known as food deserts) across the United States.


A one-day Crop Circles event provides over 2,500 families with a week’s worth of nutritional food, information on health and nutrition and is designed to reinforce and strengthen local community organizations, public agencies, and food retailers that “together we can solve the healthy food priority areas problem”

the health of our country is in a state of decline

the number of urban neighborhoods and rural towns without ready access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food is growing everyday

What are we creating?

number one:

 Pop-up Farmer’s Markets executed inside the hearts of healthy food priority areas across the country. Completely free, local families receive 1 week’s worth of beautiful, fresh produce  and Tessemae’s dressing

number two:

A community celebration complete with live music, cooking demonstrations, and local business support

number three:

 A disruptive and unexpected event designed to challenge conventional approaches to bringing access and awareness to healthy food

number FOUR:

Small leadership grants to local community organizations and ongoing dissemination about promising practices that improve access to healthier food.

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